| Risk Management, Attorney Opinion Letters, Amendments to Trusts containing required HECM Language, 48-hour Turn Around
If you are a lender and you review trusts in-house, you are taking UNECESSARY RISK!

In an industry that focuses on Risk Management, Attorney Trust Review eliminates the RISK of a loan being unsalable because a trust approved by the lender turns out NOT to meet HECM guidelines.

Trusts are complex legal documents and you are left with NO RECOURSE should you have an in-house reviewed trust that ultimately is found not to meet HECM guidelines.

Title Companies only
ensure that a trust owns the property - they DO NOT ensure a trust will meet HECM guidelines.
  • Risk Management
  • Attorney Opinion Letter
  • 48-Hour Turn-Around
  • Amendment to Trust containing required HECM language
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